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07 Dec 2012

The NHL Lockout is Bonkers

As the 2012 NHL lockout approached its billionth week Thursday, the NHL and NHLPA took turns inflating, deflating, reflating and then bunker-busting fans’ emotions and writers’ nerves  with a series of meetings, proposals, discussions and counterproposals that...
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01 Nov 2012

Canceled Penguins Games Hurting City

Visit Pittsburgh CEO Craig Davis says downtown businesses are being robbed of some $2.2 million per contest during canceled Penguins games this fall due to the ongoing NHL lockout.  “For every game not played in Pittsburgh, that’s a loss of $2.2 million to the local economy and...
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25 Oct 2012

Will NBC Step Into the NHL Lockout?

NBC didn’t enter into a ten-year, $180 million television agreement with Gary Bettman without anticipating the possibility (or, probability) of another NHL lockout. According to a spokesperson with NBC, the lockout “didn’t take us by surprise.” Shocking....
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