According to a report from Rob Rossi and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Penguins TV Ratings are again the best in the NHL.

Local ratings for both Root Sports Pittsburgh and NBC/NBCSN broadcasts are tops among all 60 franchises in both the NHL and NBA, as the Penguins are generating an average 11.9 share in the Pittsburgh area.

“The Penguins’ regional TV ratings also were highest for NHL and NBA teams last season, and they are doing it again after a 119-day lockout,” Rossi said.

The top U.S. teams to trail the Penguins in local ratings shares include the Buffalo Sabres (10.1 average), Boston Bruins (7.0 average), and St. Louis Blues (5.1 average).

In 2013, the Penguins are averaging some 357,000 viewers per game.

Despite a 100-plus day lockout that wiped out nearly half of the 82-game NHL regular season schedule, the Penguins haven’t lost a step locally. The Penguins’ growing presence in a market that is less than a decade removed from perennial draft lottery status and also includes the omnipresent Steelers franchise is nothing short of remarkable.

Networks have capitalized on the Penguins’ popularity. The Pens will appear in 17 national broadcasts on NBC and NBC Sports Network this season, the most of any NHL franchise, in addition to appearances on the NHL Network.

Two years ago, the Penguins finalized a local rights deal with Root Sports that extends through the 2028-29 season, the terms of which remain undisclosed.

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