19 Feb 2014

Is the NHL Planning to Lock Out the Olympics?

By now, the narrative is loud and clear. The NHL does not make any money off the Winter Olympics, and it wants out. That’s the narrative, anyway. Earlier this week, NHL Commission Gary Bettman held court next to International Ice Hockey Federation leader Rene Fasel in a...
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22 Feb 2013

Local Penguins TV Ratings the Tops

According to a report from Rob Rossi and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Penguins TV Ratings are again the best in the NHL. Local ratings for both Root Sports Pittsburgh and NBC/NBCSN broadcasts are tops among all 60 franchises in both the NHL and NBA, as the Penguins are...
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NHL Logo Net
07 Dec 2012

The NHL Lockout is Bonkers

As the 2012 NHL lockout approached its billionth week Thursday, the NHL and NHLPA took turns inflating, deflating, reflating and then bunker-busting fans’ emotions and writers’ nerves ¬†with a series of meetings, proposals, discussions and counterproposals that...
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