Welcome to Slew Footers! Whoa!

As you all can tell, the site is currently undergoing its annual design crisis. We really haven’t kept up with the site much. Other projects and real-life obligations have a way of doing that. Nonetheless, we’re going for another reboot.

In addition to the new digs, we’ll be taking on a new goal with the site as well. Maintaining up-to-date coverage of the NHL and MLB like we used to occasionally do is really very difficult — you can get that information anywhere else, and probably should anyway. From this point forward we hope to let the site carve out its own niche, focusing mostly on the business of Pittsburgh sports. We’re still going to focus primarily on the NHL and Major League Baseball, but if something big with Pittsburgh implications comes up in any other way, we might drop a line or two.

We’ve done a bit of sports business coverage in the past, and have kept those posts available. That explains the massive gap in content from spring 2013 until early 2014. It’s a bit of a change, but the focus should serve to make the site more of a known quantity. And don’t worry — the work will still focus on the Pittsburgh teams and the color scheme will still be a poor facsimile of the city’s famous colors, so all’s not lost.

Be sure to check back occasionally for design updates and some new content as well.


- James