25 Oct 2012

Will NBC Step Into the NHL Lockout?

NBC didn’t enter into a ten-year, $180 million television agreement with Gary Bettman without anticipating the possibility (or, probability) of another NHL lockout. According to a spokesperson with NBC, the lockout “didn’t take us by surprise.” Shocking....
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18 Oct 2012

Gary Bettman: Union Buster

Dave Zirin’s must-read at The Nation sheds a little light on those who are fighting the NHL labor war—namely, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who got his start as an NHL executive and shepherd of the game by partnering at the union-busting law firm Proskauer Rose, a group...
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09 Oct 2012

Fehr Taking Aim at NHL Salary Cap?

The 2012 NHL Lockout has been about economics. Unlike the 2005 Lockout, which heralded changes to the rules, the fan experience and introduced the first NHL salary cap, the current stoppage is purely about money and how best to divide it. Though the NHL and NHLPA have held...
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